Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional


Design and shape the world around you with Autodesk AutoCAD software, one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD design software tools. The integrated tools of AutoCAD allows draftsman and designers to focus on enhancing the detail of the design rather than the technical challenges to create the design itself. Maximize your productivity by using powerful tools for design aggregation and documentation, connecting and streamlining your design and documentation work flows.

Course description

This course will help you develop the technical skills to understand and create 2D and 3D computer aided designs using Autodesk AutoCAD f or an accurate 3D visualization. Precision CAD designs are widely used in the architectural, engineering, manufacturing and construction industry. The aim of this course is to provide important skills to create 2D and 3D CAD designs.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for recent graduates and working adults to obtain new knowledge and skills in drafting and CAD drawings in the design industry, i ncluding 3D visualizers, 3D artists, architects, interior designers, architectural visual producer. I f your goal is to create precise 3D visualisation for architectural floor plans, interior layouts, manufacturing product designs and mechanical or engineering parts, this course is designed for you. You will obtain
new knowledge and skills in solid modeling and 3D tools.

What will you get out of the course?

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to draft and construct CAD Drawings and solid models using Autodesk AutoCAD, in order to achieve the workflow of Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry requirements.

The course will help you develop the ability to:

  • Create and modify 2D and 3D objects using common commands
  • Use annotations correctly with text and multi-leaders
  • Create and modify dimensions with style
  • Specify the dimensioning for the drawing
  • Organize drawing with layers
  • Utilize multiple layout in AutoCAD
  • Use inquiry commands
  • Manipulate objects using commands
  • Create a 2D/3D drawing using an efficient work flow of CAD production.

Course materials

Autodesk Official Training Guid e, supplemented with instructor handouts.


Autodesk Certificate of Completion



Course Outline

Apply Basic Drawing Skills

○ Create, Open and Publish Files
○ Circles, Arcs and Polygons
○ Lines and Rectangles
○ Fillet and Chamfer Lines
○ Select Objects
○ Coordinate Systems
○ Dynamic Input, Direct Distance, Shortcut Menus
○ Inquiry Commands

Use Drawing Aids

○ Object Snap Tracking
○ Ortho and Polar Tracking
○ PolarSnap
○ Running Object Snaps
○ Grid and Snap

Work with Curves

○ Splines
○ Curved Polylines

Edit Entities

○ Arrays
○ Selection Sets
○ Stretch Objects
○ Grip Editing
○ Move and Copy
○ Offset and Mirror
○ Rotate and Scale
○ Trim and Extend

Control Object Visibility and Appearance

○ Layer Assignments
○ Assign Properties by Object or Layer
○ Object Properties
○ Layer Visibility
○ Layer Properties

Use Blocks and Xrefs

○ Define Blocks
○ Reference External Drawings and Images
○ Global Blocks

Use Hatching and Gradients

○ Apply Hatchet Patterns

Create and Edit Text

○ Text Styles
○ Write Lines of Text


○ Dimension Styles
○ Multi-leaders

Layouts and Annotative Objects

○ Annotative Styles and Objects
○ Create Layouts
○ Use Window Command
○ Use Viewports

Printing and Plotting

○ Printing and Plotting Options