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Everybody was talking about the Ice Bucket Challenge and it has been suddenly popular during mid of 2014 .  Briefly telling, the game hits the world by introducing the Ice Bucket Challenge, the person will pick the option of taking the challenge to pour a bucket of ice on himself or donate $100 to the Alsa organization. If the person picked the ais bucket challenge option, then he need to nominate 3 person for the same challenge within 24 hours. By using this method, the Alsa organization received 41 mil in 3 weeks time . All Giant party like Facebook Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg , Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, Former President George Bush ,etc were assisting the campaign by participating and spreading the video.

I just want to bring out the discussion about the website of . Since it has such a viral marketing effect, then let’s see how the website could support.  All the graph are updated on 16th September 2014.


 Checked that registered and server hosted by Network Solutions where Network Solutions is reported to companyns-logo-tld-hp

The charity organization did not pay any online marketing fees . The Ice Bucket Challenge is initiated by a small group of people from Northern American . The person do a video by pouring ice bucket on his body and after that he will nominate 3 people. Those 3 people involved the option of either donating money $100 to or pour the ice bucket on himself again. Each of the following 3 person will shoot video & nominate 3 person and here the social marketing works. Let’s see how is the traffic statistic of the website.

 and let’s see the web uptime monitor stat



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