Mobile Compatible Website vs Mobile Web App


What is Mobile Compatible Website ?

Mobile compatible website is the website is designed not only for normal PC users but also for mobile users. Means the website has two layouts , one is for computer users and another layout is designed specifically for mobile users. All the contents and functions are shared only one platform version. The web technologies used to develop the app are HTML5, Sencha, jQuery and others. The underlying technologies are JavaScript, HTML and CSS . 

In 2014, Google  announced that new algorithm update will count the ranking benefit for those mobile-friendliness of a site. Therefore, it means google draw a line to differentiate the old website and new website which is mobile friendly to mobile devices, and you will likely be penalized or rank lower in SERP. The ranking among all the website are updated through the Google algorithm is scheduled for April 21, 2015.  How Important is Mobile Optimization? Google recognize that more and more mobile users are using search engine through their mobile devices. According to statistic from June to November 2014, Google Search Engine detects 52 percent  from desktops and 48 percent from mobile . The mobile traffic figure will be increased substantial proportional .

There is a tool to check whether the website is mobile friendly at  

What is Mobile Web App?

Mobile Web App is the platform designed for mobile download app. For Simple explanation, it is a mobile App that you can download from either Apple App Store or Android play store. It relies on the app store as the search engine . Due to Web Apps is the mini size of Web , the search algorithm is mostly based on the Apps Name and keywords. Hence, discovery your apps may not as easier as the website in search engine. Here is a stat showing how people discover the apps. 

LearnAboutApps-1Most people will hardly keep the app in their mobile devices unless it is used frequently. 

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