Paid Website V/s Free Website


Hosting Services and options

website-buildingWith the internet fast becoming an integral part of our lives, everything, from business to networking seems to take place online. For the success of any business that has grown online or for launching a new business, web hosting services are a must.

Web Hosting Service

A web hosting Service assists organizations and individuals in providing access to their websites. Companies providing internet connectivity besides providing the required space on a server in a data center are web hosts. Making your website public with all the web pages, videos and other content can be done only on the internet. For this you need to store it on a web server. Buying or opting for the free space option and storing it there to make it visible is called web hosting.

Free hosting


A free hosting service provider can be opted for once you are sure of it meeting all your requirements. This can be a sensible decision if you are launching a new business. Free websites, these days offer a lot of opportunities. Given the freedom to create and maintain a web page, you can create your own identity on the web.

Benefits of free hosting

After following  few simple steps and naming your website you can work on the web pages.

  1. Total freedom is given to you and you can work on all the web pages you desire.
  2. Experimenting becomes easier since it is free. Once you are sure of your web site being a hit you can switch in case a need arises.
  3. A free host which is good, also offers you a trial run before you can make up your mind to use it on a permanent basis.

Paid hosting


Paid hosting on the other hand, benefits you in different ways. Though you will be paying for the hosting there are many factors which cannot and should not be compromised. Few of the benefits of paid hosting are as follows:

  1. A web address that can be easily remembered. With free hosting you can be compelled to use a very long address which becomes extremely difficult to remember and there are chances of you losing out on customers.
  2. Regular data backup which might be weekly or every day, leaves you hassle free in dealing with loss of data due to unforeseen disasters.
  3. Providing an unlimited disk space, domain and sub-domains, e-mail accounts and data transfer, paid hosting services can offer you the comfort and ease in conducting your business without uncalled for restrictions.

The Right Choice

Keeping in mind your needs and the future growth of your business combined with an understanding of different hosting services and the customer services offered to you, you should make the right choice. Not giving the expenditure its undue importance, but being able to think clearly only for your business and the benefits you will get by opting for the right web hosting services, you can be sure of achieving success.