The Foundry NukeX Certified Artist


The Foundry’s NukeX is a cutting edge node based compositing suite with a unique channel based operation under hood, It has also state of the art 3D composite that includes the capabilities to import 3D geometry, lights, cameras and shadows. It also has built in Python making it user friendly to make your own scripts and customization without in-depth knowledge on programming. Many studios uses NukeX to create high end composite visuals for TV and Blockbuster movies because of its flexibility and power to integrate with custom tools and pipeline.

Course description

This course provides contemporary, cutting-edge deep compositing, comprehensive 3D workspace, open and scriptable compositing framework and linear color pipeline and multi-channel workflow apt for the existing creative industry. Targeted for design, short form, film, television and games right from scratch.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for recent graduates and working adults in the design industry, creating high quality compositing for still or moving images in film, show reels, games, commercials, television, marketing and advertising or design, It is perfect solution for meeting tight deadlines and managing speed, quality and efficiency in any production workflow.

What will you get out of this course?

The course will help you develop the ability to:

  • Familiarize with NukeX workflow
  • Create mattes with rotoscopy and basic keying
  • Grade and color correct footages
  • Create 2D composite and transformations
  • 2D camera tracking
  • Understand LUTs
  • Advance keying methods
  • 2D Advance roto & cleanup Techniques
  • 2D Effect Management
  • Getting know NukeX 3D environment
  • Apply lighting and shading using NukeX 3D
  • Understand 3D projection and photogrammetry
  • Create and manipulate 3D nodes
Course materials

NukeX Training Guide, supplemented with instructor handouts.


CG Skill Certificate of Completion



Course Outline

Finding Your Way Around NukeX
  • UI, Node Graph, Property Panel
  • Viewer, Toolbar, Layouts
  • Premultiplied Images
  • Premult & Unpremult Nodes
Colour Management
  • Monitors & sRGB
  • sRGB vs Linear
  • Correct Gamma Settings
  • NukeX’s Viewer LUT
Colour Corrections
  • Add, Multiply, Gamma & Saturation
  • Premultiplied Images Containing Alpha
  • Integration Colour Techniques
  • Artistic Colour Techniques
  • Other Colour Techniques 
Roto (Part 1)
  • Viewer Toolbar, Create Shapes
  • Per Object & Per Point Feathering
Roto (Part 2)
  • Roto Organic Objects, Animate Shapes
ChannelSets & Channels
  • Merge Images
  • Merge Node
  • Comping 3D Elements
  • Animating in Nuke
  • Transform, Crop, Mirror
  • Reformat, F_Align
Concatenation, BBox & BlackOutside
  • Concatenation, BlackOutside
  • Merge, CopyBBox, AdjustBbox
  • Transform, Crop, CurveTool
2D Tracking
  • Basics of Tracking, Tracker OffSet
  • T, R & S Transofrmation
  • Settings & Tracked Data
  • None, Matchmove, Stabilize, Add Jitter,
Remove Jitter & CornerPin
  • Tracker Workflow
2D Techniques Lens Aberrations & Effects
  • Roto Paint Node
  • Use Paint for Marker Removals
  • Keying Tools
Grain & Noise Management
  • Understanding Grain & Noise Management
  • Removing Grain and Noise
  • Adding Grain and Noise
Miscellaneous 2D Techniques
  • Cleanplates
  • Grain Management
  • Roto/Transform/Tracking Tools
  • 2D Effects
  • Grain Management
Introductrion to 3D Platform in Nuke
  • Setting Up Scenes
  • Using 3D Tools
  • Work with Camera
3D Tracking
  • Basic 3D Tracking
  • Camera Solver
  • Point Cloud
  • Camera Projection
  • Rig Removal with Nuke 3D