Top 3 things to think about before starting a website


Website business model

Everyone should have a plan of what they are going to do to their new website.Different business model have different presentation way and different way of doing it. Before start a website, we need to think in the reverse direction. Means if this is the working process  ,

Purchase Hosting->Purchase Domain->Configuration ->Create New Website -> Develop Content->Web Marketing.

Then you should plan or think in the opposite way,

Online Marketing Research -> Choose the Business Category ->Choose the Website Template ->Choose the Domain Name ->Choose the Web Hosting

We skip Online Marketing Research as this is wide area topic.Besides,  there are plenty of website category you can work on. For example, 

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Then you can decide the website template

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Or you can decide the Website Template and Available Category at the same time

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Based on the web details you are going to work on, you can brainstorm some domain name and check at GoDaddy Website . The last step is to source for a good hosting at Top Web Hosting . 

Website Target Visitor

This is kind of straight forward, If your business audience target to be  at US , then get a web hosting from US. If your business target at Europe , then get a web hosting from UK. If your business is at Australia, then find the Australia Web Hosting company. Remember to check the DNS server location where the data center is located. 

How to get Traffic?

Sales is always due to the traffic. After establish the website, We need to know how to get traffic to the site. It depends where you want to attract the crowd.

  1. Search Engine – Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Baidu
  2. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Redigg, Pinterest
  3. Video Marketing – Youtube, Vimeo
  4. Forum Marketing 
  5. Advertisement – CNN, marketwatch, bbc