WebHosting Comparison


What we need to know?

We choose from what we need to use.  Among all the features, which feature is useful for your web development.

Compare the spec looks no different, then which aspect should we look into?

Frankly Speaking

Every webhosting company will show you a lot of features. Of course in IT world, if you want me to list down 100 good things about the web hosting. I can make it done within 3 days. However, some specs are really too technical. If we are not doing hardware trading business, it is definitely none of our business! Some specs are listed for marketing purpose. And majority web developer don’t really bother about that. Some specs are good to know but we will never use it in the end. We spend quite some time to research which web hosting is good to be used. Do we know what we are looking for ? Which one we should care and what is the reason behind?

What we need to Compare and How we Compare

Brief Comparison

Most of the top webhosting company offer common features. If you do a side by side comparison, you will find that many similarity among them. Sometimes there are some different keywords but actually in the same meaning. For example disk space and hosting space, data transfer and file transfer and bandwidth. Please refer web hosting marketing strategy for more details. Therefore, we should compare the price and the outstanding feature.

Shared Hosting

Different web hosting offer different package. If all the hosting companies are renowned, guarantee uptime, good customer service support, then you have to compare their package offered, the technical details in the package. First , you have to understand what is your purpose of getting the web hosting. Then you should know which feature is important to you and which is not. Most people take shared hosting is for blogging, personal website, self business, which does not have very high bandwidth usage.


VPS is called Virtual Private Server.If Shared hosting is like an unit in the condominium then VPS is like the Storey Terraced unit. It includes a custom firewall, own mail server and more control over security! VPS hosting is suitable for businesses expecting rapid growth, heavy website traffic or who run highly interactive, and static ip address. Each VPS is with a reserved amount of CPU and RAM resources.So some business companies use it to build the centralize system for their offices, production and warehouses.

Dedicated Server

If VPS is Storey Terrance , then Dedicated Server is the Bungalow. It is the leasing server box with dedicated IP and full control server usage, It is More Secure, More flexible services tailored to your needs, Dedicated to one company.The Dedicated Server provides the highest CPU speed, highest monthly data transfer, Most memory included. It is good to support the server processing for for companies and individuals who run extreme traffic websites or applications and who need the bandwidth, versatility, and consistent performance of a dedicated box such as gaming servers, database management, video streaming websites and high traffic intensive websites.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is like the whole shopping mall building.With the whole building ,you can rent out to other merchant. All the server disk space and bandwidth can be allocated by the reseller account. It is a good business for those web developer company or those who ever start the new web hosting company. Reseller can create its own pricing structure and plans . In certain extend, Reseller also can create own branding by customizing the control panel and servers. More clients rent the web space from Reseller than more profit it will be. All technical problem will be taken care by the web hosting that the Reseller bought from . Reseller only do marketing, advertising, and sales to earn the profit margin.

Ready to Select the webhosting service based on your usage demand?

I have filtered those critical and compulsory specs for every beginner. If you are a light user, it is pretty enough for your usage.  If you are still not sure about the decision. Please refer to the top rating webhosting comparison.