What’s so special about A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting: What’s so special about A2?

A2 Hosting offer almost everything you need . It has a reliable and secure data center at both United States and Europe. The most attractive and also the important feature for web developer is the Prime+SSD which provides best solutions through out the whole web building process. It is too good to be used at only $3.95/mo with all the unlimited features such as storage space, bandwidth, emails, domain, database, etc. 

First, let’s look into the advantages.

Uptime and Reliability

A2 Hosting uptime is proven by third party statistic report and guaranteed by all the existing users. The data centers are in the secure facility and climate control with 24 hour surveillance. A2 ensure all the client data are secure and safe by their security management. Even though power shortage is not an issue  as they have set up redundant power backup at all times through UPS and diesel generators. 

It is very rare to see web hosting company share their uptime data in public. A2 Hosting offer the uptime data of their server at Washington and Los Angeles (US), Brisbane (Australia), as well as Desseldorf (Germany), transparent to everyone and the statistic is monitored by 3rd party http://www.mywebreports.net/s0e0i2v0q.html 

Hosting Speed

A2 hosting has been 10+ years experience and they are awarded wining web host. They are offering Solid State Drive Speed Boost feature for Prime+SSD and Turbo package. The SSD enhance the loading of the file transfer , OS and database. A2 server is named as SwiftServers come for the best performance and  solution, with the features

  • Turbo Server Option – 20X Faster
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs) Option
  • Fine-Tuned By Our Guru Crew
  • Quadruple Redundant Network
  • No Server Overloading
  • US & European Server Locations
  • Free CloudFlare Content Delivery Network
  • CloudLinux OS
  • Instant Account Activation
  • 10 Gb/s Redundant Network
  • 12 Core Server Minimum
  • 64 GB RAM Server Minimum

The Prime+SSD hosting is highly recommended for a standard users. However, A2 ‘s more advanced package is the Turbo hosting which is slightly double the price of prime+SSD but  it is up to 20x Faster page load than the normal one. The Turbo Server has a Swift Cache which is powered by APC and it is hosted on SwiftServer SSDs. Beside this, it uses less CPU and memory than Apache. Another criticial factor why Turbo hosting is so fast is because there are fewer users per server.

The impact of slow hosting can cause :

  • 7% decrease in your conversion rate
  • 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction
  • 11% fewer page views

Therefore, for a business developer, i prefer to spend a little bit more to get a more stable server rather than headache with those down time issue. 

Price Value

There are three package of A2 Shared Hosting.  The lowest package $3.92/mo -Prime is more than enough for a beginner for the website building . It provides all the necessary features unlimited so you have no worry to share more than one domain in the same server account. The Second package  $7.46/mo  -Prime+SSD is using the SSD hardware and it provides the Railgun Optimizer which is up to 143% faster HTML load times. For the Turbo Package $14.93, although it is a bit pricey , but you will be for sure amazed  with the performance speed. 

To make a decision, It depends on what are you going to work on. If you are using it for fun or just merely build a company site for your boss and let it untouch, then you should go for the lowest package. It is highly recommended to use the Prime+SSD hosting if you are serious with what you are planning to build. If you have a high expectation on the uploading and downloading speed and also a high performance server, of course you have to choose the turbo Hosting package!

 Outstanding Hosting Features


By looking at the features provided by A2, their hosting more encourage for doing eCommerce website. Yes, we knew that owning an online shopping website need a very stable server especially during the payment process . 


A2 really work closely with wordpress and it provides plenty of optimization features. It is a added value for wordpress FANs like us.


All web hosting provide additional services such as Money Back Guarantee and 24 hours Live Support . The added service make you more comfortable and hassle free  to use the hosting . Let’s take closer to two of the features which you cannot find at anywhere else -Server Rewind backups and Perpetual Security with Free HackScan. 

The Server Rewind backup will backup in multiple revision and restore back by selecting the date and the restore point . This is not only to restore the files but also work for the database as well. 

HackScan is a part of A2 Hosting’s perpetual Security Initiative . The malware protection runs 24 hours a day 7 days per week to help block the attack before they can damage your site. 

Customer Support

A2Hosting has award wining customer support , their supporting team is formed by “Guru Crew” and not those marketing level staff. All their customer support staffs are friendly, smart and well trained. A2 wants to ensure all their customers are able to solve their problem easily without any difficulty. In addition, they do not answer like the robot trained type . 

My experience with A2 Hosting:


Honestly, i do not use their live support until now as I still do not face any problem yet. The most impact impression for A2 hosting is when i signed up the registration, after a while, A2 sent me  7 emails in two shots. From the title of the email, you can feel how A2 care about new registered user, even they put the CEO to greet the new registered users. I did not tell that i will be using wordpress but they automatically sent me the A2 optimized installation details which makes me feel good (although i still install manually through cpanel) . 

Dislike about A2Hosting

Of course if A2 Turbo package is cheaper, then it will be better because I wish my site can be loading faster. However for the Prime + SSD , One year $9.31x 12=$111.72 is still affordable. Now there is a COUPON CODE available, and you can save 17% by using it. 


Have been tried many web hosting since 7 years ago. A2hosting is the latest webshoting that i am trying (2014). After dealing with many problem server, now i can say A2 hosting is almost perfect in my usage. I will plan to move my ecommerce site from other server to  A2hosting. 

A2 Hosting

A2 is the best hosting that i ever used. I have been trying and changing other hosting except A2 Hosting. You won’t be regret after choosing it.